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European Roulette

What is European Roulette? European Roulette Guide, is the classic version of the game that is played the world over. In the end, European Roulette and French Roulette are the same, with the latter version occasionally containing special additional rules. Where exactly the classic was invented, the spirits still argue about it today.

But it’s indisputable that European Live Roulette promises you a lot of excitement and first-class entertainment in your own four walls. Authentic tables, real live croupiers and the ability to chat are the three attributes that make European Roulette so special. The basic requirement for the classic version of Roulette is patience, because: Not all bets are successful. You should simply enjoy every round – especially this inimitable excitement.

What are the differences to the normal version?
There is no more classic version than European (or French) Roulette. The difference between a live casino game and a virtual version can of course be quickly summed up. In the digital version, you play against a random number generator, i.e. a programmed software with Random Number Generator (RNG). It should be clear to everyone that these are designed to benefit the house.

If you choose Live European Roulette, chance is real – just as real as the croupiers. An atmosphere that is normally only found in local casinos makes this option one of the most popular in recent years.

Special features
European Roulette does not have many special features. There are inner and outer bets, single numbers, dozens, columns, colors and other options you can bet on. Which live casino is good for you depends on your experience and budget. High Roller tables can go up to several thousand Euro / Dollers, even Crypto coins. European Roulette can be played from 50 Cent or 1 €/$ also crypto coin. The wheel shows 36 numbers and the green background zero. If the latter falls, the house always wins. All other numbers can be bet combined. The odds were set decades ago and still apply today. The more precisely you bet, the more you can win.

Advantages and Disadvantages
7/24 offer – games around the clock
Realistic atmosphere and real croupiers
Get in from 50 Cent with many providers
Fully licensed and regulated
Experienced live software providers like Evolution Gaming
Mobile play possible in more and more casinos
Playing without dress code
Playing Crypto Coins
Free play not possible

It is quite possible to trick a little in European roulette. Strategies are no problem, especially with the live version, because here the real coincidence applies. Despite all this, all roulette types are games of chance – you should always be aware of this.

The only disadvantage: Live games require a stake. This results from the fact that personnel and room costs must be covered. The providers also incur a lot of technological costs. Our biggest plus point: Due to the simple set of rules, European Roulette is perfect for beginners.

European Roulette can now be played online at almost any live casino. Often this variant is declared without the addition “European”. However, this is actually the standard version that is played millions of times a day. Very good tables with attractive limits can be found for example at 22Bet Casino, or Rivalo Casino. Once again, French and European Roulette are identical! If you don’t want to spend money right away, that’s no problem either.

All online casinos offer digital gaming tables that are available free of charge. Here you will have plenty of opportunity to get to know the game in all its facets.

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Our conclusion
If you haven’t had any experience with this classic game before, you should always try Live European Roulette first. There’s really no easier way to get started. In the pleasant backdrop, even small real money and Crypto conis stakes don’t hurt. And that’s exactly what you can influence in every live casino. The live chat provides additional entertainment. Some companies allow you to chat with the croupier, others even allow you to communicate with other players.