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What is Sic Bo game? Where can I play

What is Sic Bo game? Where can I play?
Sic Bo is a dice game with three dice, which is very often played in the casino players of Macau and in the USA and is now also offered in the European casinos, Chinese friends also live in Europe. Sic Bo is also known by the following names: Chuck a Luck, Grand Hazard, Big and Small, Birdcage, Dai Siu (also: Tai Xiu) or Hi Lo. In Portuguese casinos it is offered under the name Cussec.

Sic Bo may have spread from Shanghai to China and was brought to the United States by Chinese emigrants at the beginning of the 20th century. Live card games are now well enough, but how about a real Asian dice game for a change? In our Top 3 Live Sic Bo Casinos, you get the opportunity to play Live Sic Bo. The rules of the game are quite complex, but it shouldn’t be long before you get the hang of it.

Dice games are not too common in online casinos – far less so than blackjack, roulette or baccarat. Nevertheless, they are becoming more and more important for live providers. This is not least due to the fact that players want as much variety as possible. In Live Sic Bo, the Asian sic bo dice game, you will certainly find them. If you like, you’ll find a mix of two classics: Roulette and Craps. On the one hand you have to roll three dice, on the other you have to bet on numbers or combinations.

As players expect a lot from a live casino, more and more software providers come up with the idea to implement live games like Sic Bo and stream them from the studio. The special feature is the fast gameplay. The classic game will entertain you for hours and even entertaining rounds can be very pleasant. The excitement increases with every bet, because a real tip can enrich you with high odds. These are based on the original rules and are fixed.

What Live Sic Bo is all about
Rare game from Asia – to be found in only a few live casinos.
Tap, roll the dice and win made easy.
Simple handling – bets can be placed in a few easy steps.
The appeal of local casinos in your own living room thanks to live streaming in real time.
Live Sic Bo playable in the best low risk online casinos.

Sic Bo is amazingly little known to players. The game has a long tradition in Asia. Basically, Live Sic Bo works just like the classic table game. The only difference is that you take your place on your PC at home or on your mobile phone. Live dealers are available. In a good 22Bet Live Casino, for example, which works with ASIA Gaming, Evolution Gaming, it’s trained personnel who master this work in every respect. The dealer is responsible for rolling the dice. Instead of random generators, Live Sic Bo uses real chance. And it’ s hard to influence that.

You can usually play Live Sic Bo online around the clock. More and more live casinos are adding the dice game to their portfolio – especially those that work with major software providers. Ultimately, the classic offers an alternative to card games and roulette. A little time for practicing should be planned. All the better that the bets do not necessarily have to be high.

Since you can’t roll the dice yourself, Live Sic Bo has the dealer do it for you. Bets are placed digitally as usual. The betting area is a bit confusing for untrained players. For practice, we therefore recommend that you choose an online casino with a virtual Sic Bo variant. This in turn can be started free of charge.

Game rules and basics
Sic Bo is a thousand-year-old dice game. One thing has remained the same in all this time: the rules of the game. Of course, these rules are identical to the original in the live version, as found in local casinos – preferably in Asia. The game is played on one table and three dice are used per game. Bets must be placed before they land on the table. These, in turn, are similar in structure to European Roulette, i.e. they contain individual numbers, but also different combinations. The more accurately you predict the draw, the higher the odds will be. Live Sic Bo is not completely free to play, but the betting limits are suitable for beginners who want to invest a few Yuan, BTC or euros as well as dollars.

The more accurately you predict the numbers, the more you can win at Live Sic Bo.

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Sic Bo mobile – rare to find and yet available
While mobile live roulette is part of the sound of most live casinos today, it is difficult, but not impossible, to find Global Mobile Live Sic Bo. ASIA Gaming is far ahead of most other providers in this respect. If you decide to join a partner casino, you can play mobile. On our pages you will find some of the best providers that offer Live Sic Bo as well as many other classics for smartphones and tablets. We prefer HTML5 websites that don’t require an app download.

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